Waste Management Solutions through Technology

TeslaGREEN INC™ is leading the world in new technologies for solid waste disposal, waste management, and recycling.  Read More about TeslaGREEN INC™ .

The BlackHOLE™

Our latest innovation addresses solid waste disposal with Plasma Heat Technology instead of Oil, reduces waste volume to less than 1% of traditional methods, doesn’t require segregation, is mobile, and has lower costs and maintenance!

The Problem

The average American creates about 4.4 pounds of trash per day. Disposing of trash in landfills is very expensive and the average cost to build a large scale municipal landfills is approx $20 Million or more and it requires millions of dollars per year to operate. In most of cases the money to operate comes from local tax-payers.

Who We Are

TeslaGREEN INC™ is focused on providing solutions for waste management, waste disposal and waste recycling, and reducing landfill use in an environmental friendly manner.