The BlackHOLE®

No More Burning. No More Burying.
Municipal Solid Waste Processing Truly Cost-Effective, 100% Emission-Free & A Giant Leap Beyond Incineration & Plasma Gasification

THE PROBLEM: High Costs. Environmental Harm.  

Landfills. Incineration. Plasma Gasification. Every method adopted by the waste management industry to date has imposed high, long-term costs and inflicted costly damage to air, land and water. Marketing claims aside, none of the methods are truly cost-effective, or fully emission-free.


In 2018 TeslaGREEN received The United States EPA’s approval for The BlackHOLE®, the waste industry’s first verified cost-effective, 100% emission-free, solid waste processing solution. The innovative machine, already in use by municipal clients in Asia, is based on TeslaGREEN’s own trademarked technology, patented in 152 countries.

The ingenious plasma stateinduced, hydrogen-splitting technology does not rely on burning as do older, seemingly similar technologies, to molecularly transform waste matter; it’s a much smarter technology that takes municipal solid waste processing far beyond incineration & plasma gasification.

Industry pros have seen many promising, yet disappointing, technologies come and go over the years. TeslaGREEN’s BlackHOLE®, however, is the first to do what is says: Dramatically Lower Costs. 

It’s different because it’s based on an internal process which had been a scientific “brick wall” for over a century. When TeslaGREEN discovered a way to maintain a low-heat plasma state, the brick wall was finally scaled. High-heat plasma state, like that found in lighting or inside the Sun, is too problematic for an efficient waste processing machine. Low-heat Plasma State that is achieved inside a BlackHOLE®–and maintained by feeding solid waste–can be found in no other technology ever introduced other than the BlackHOLE®. It is the key reason why The BlackHOLE® is the first technology of its kind to be approved by the EPA.

of BlackHOLE®

  • Portability – Its small size and mobility greatly reduce the cost of transporting waste. BlackHOLE® can be set up at a transfer station, landfill, scrapping/shredding facility, processing plant/mill, large business or wherever waste is, and transform almost any matter down to its basic elements, right on site
  • Variable Sizes – Machines range in size from as much as 1,000 tons/24 hours, down to 100kg/day. Multiple machines can easily operate in one location if tonnage demands
  • Significantly Lower Cost – It is offered at a lower purchase price, and has far lower operating & maintenance costs, compared with large processing facilities that burn waste 
  • No Power – Astonishingly, BlackHOLE® is self-sustaining and requires no external power or fuel to run continuously for weeks at a time 
  • Zero-Emission – There is no burning of waste, so it is smoke-free and odorless. The 100% clean emissions have been tested & verified by numerous environmental organizations to contain no nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, dioxins or furans
  • No Sorting – Virtually all waste, Wet or Dry, including tires, plastics, medical, hazardous, e-waste and more can be fed into a BlackHOLE®, with no segregation required
  • Electricity (WTE) – It is verified to profitable byproducts including over 65mwh of electricity, valuable bio-oil, and high quality ceramic ash for use in brick and cement (unlike useless fly ash). See more on WTE capabilities below.
  • Simplicity – It requires little maintenance and there is no need for an entire plant of highly-trained staff, rather only a handful of non-technical manpower with one manager is needed
  • Small Footprint – Requires only the size of a large room, as opposed to a large facility
  • Low Temp – Incinerators operate at high temperatures and require a costly secondary combustion system. BlackHOLE® does not require higher temperatures as it has the unique feature of Plasmic Decomposition.

Zero-Emission. How?

Dioxins, Furans, Parabens, and all other gaseous products, are dissociated within the main chamber of a BlackHOLE® machine, then converted to ionized oxygen, which in turn maintains low-plasmic heat.

Any remaining gaseous emissions from the machine are passed through a customized three-stage wet scrubber. The scrubber allows the output gaseous emission from the chimney to be smokeless, odorless and 100% non-toxic, all EPA-regulated.

Prove It!

That’s the biggest concern. How can we prove these claims, especially since there have been similar recent claims with disappointing results? Today, TeslaGREEN is just getting started with operations outside of Asia. In the U.S., for example, it took several years to attain EPA approval and permits. The EPA had never before approved a technology like this.

BlackHOLE®‘s promise to inexpensively transform the world’s garbage with no resulting emissions certainly may seem like fantasy to industry pros. However, it is far beyond concept stage. Since 2016, it has been used by municipalities in Asia with great results. 

For example, a landfill in the Ladakh region of India is currently being “eaten” by a BlackHOLE® without any harmful emissions released into air, land or water. Additionally, multiple waste management facilities in India and Malaysia are benefiting from markedly reduced operating costs as well as significant decreases in resulting toxins emitted. A relatively low purchase cost, coupled with drastically lower operating & maintenance costs… combined with technology that actually does what it promises, make The BlackHOLE® the first “breakthrough” waste management technology worthy of investment. 

BlackHOLE®’s process, based on POPS™ Technology (Programmed Oxygenation Plasma State), involves low-heat plasma. It is not to be confused with high-heat plasma gasification introduced years ago, which involves high costs and harmful emissions. 


Converting Waste to Valuable Energy (WTE)

BlackHOLE® may be used in 2 ways. First, simply as a way to process waste in a clean, cheap manner. However, if desired, an abundance of electricity –up to 65mwh per machine– may be harnessed for sale back to the grid. Compared with incineration and plasma gasification, BlackHOLE® is far less expensive, and it generates more electricity per ton.

Founder, and lead innovator, Dr. Amen Dhyllon, in a TeslaGREEN manufacturing plant.

Over 65mwh From Waste? (click here)

POPS™ Technology generates electricity (over 65mwh) through:

  1. Hydrogen Splitting: BlackHOLE®’s resultant ceramic ash (which is far more stable than fly ash) is only 2-3% as compared to 25-30% in regular incineration plants. Since the ash percentage generation is extremely low, the flue gas volume is much higher than older competitors, with major components being only Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide (CO). The CO emissions are already 10 times below the norm, but with the help of TeslaGREEN’s low voltage heaters the machines are able to dissociate any remnant CO to carbon (it becomes part of the sludge) and oxygen. BlackHOLE® emits very low levels of other gases and no Dioxins and Di-furans because of the highly controlled oxygen flow into the chamber, and due to the state of Plasma development inside the chamber. From this flue gas we split the hydrogen to generate electricity.

  2. Thermoelectric Panels Which Replace The Insulation. The Seebeck Effect is used to generate electricity through this method. The Seebeck Effect is a phenomenon in which a temperature difference between two dissimilar electrical conductors or semiconductors produces a voltage difference between the two substances.

  3. ORC Turbines: Organic Rankin Cycle Turbine. BlackHOLE® uses an amalgamated mixture of six different types of organic fluids that flow into a jacket compartment around the main chamber and into the Flue gas chamber (temperatures above 650 degree centigrade) to run the turbines. It is 4-6 times more efficient than any stem turbines.

Since the main chamber does not need any external source of fuel (no electricity, no fossil fuel) to operate, whatever electricity is generated is supplied to the grid and nothing is looped back into the machine. That results in higher NET OUTPUT. No cooling systems are required due to the LOW HEAT PLASMA TEMPERATURES, and most of the output temperatures are converted into electricity.

Where To Use BlackHOLE?

BlackHOLE may be placed in a Transfer Station to save tipping fees & operating costs including transporation.

Large machines may be placed at a Landfill (1) to eliminate need for incoming waste to be deposited, (2) to process existing old buried landfill material at the site, with the goal of reduction or complete elimination.

Can be placed at corporations, paper mills, scrap or shredding facilities, hospitals, commercial complexes, schools, industrial tech parks & more to process all waste on site and to eliminate most expensive processing, storage and carting costs.

Large residential communities or housing projects benefit from having BlackHOLE on site, processing the community’s waste, eliminating the need for frequent waste pick-up.