Groundbreaking Technologies in Solid Waste Management, Energy and Beyond.

Welcome!  We are very proud to introduce a series of innovative technologies … Please explore:

The BlackHOLE®

TeslaGreen BlackHOLE Waste ProcessingThe BlackHOLE® ushered in a new era in Municipal Solid Waste processing & recycling, as well as electricity generation. No More Burning, No More Burying, No More Crippling Costs! The world’s first truly cost-effective, zero-emission and fully portable, solid waste processing solution. Each machine handles up to 1,000 tons per day, with no burning of waste, and is verified 100% emission-free & able to generate over 65mwh of electricity. Costs related to recycling, storage, transportation & processing have been dramatically reduced.  Learn More

NCB. Nano Carbon Battery

The Battery Has Officially Evolved. NCB Far Surpasses Any Other Battery Technology. And It’s Available Now! NCB can be charged with lightning speed and perform unaided at -20˚Celsius. Life cycle of 2,400 with a 5-year guarantee, and a much safer battery that eliminates the risk of overcharging and overheating (unlike Lithium batteries). TeslaGREEN’s Nano Carbon Battery is indeed the new power solution for everyday applications!  Learn More


The world’s first completely self-sustaining electricity source. GTBox needs no external power or fuel, and has no moving parts. 100% emission-free, GTBox signals a genuine revolution in electricity production, large-scale, or small.  Learn More


TeslaGREEN CarbonizerThe Carbonizer transforms biomass (food waste, landscaping, manure, etc.) into a clean, zero-emission coal substitute, more efficient & cheaper than coal. Imagine coal-burning plants effortlessly switching over to 100% emission-free briquettes. Carbonizer dramatically reduces costs associated with food waste, agriculture waste and more!  Learn More

TeslaGREEN’s vision is to provide profitable, zero-emission solutions, and to eliminate the need to transport both waste and electricity. Our vision is becoming a reality.  Have a question?

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