Spec Sheets

Pollution is a severe problem for our planet.

Our waste disposal Machine is designed to cut all these expenses to their minimum

  1. On an average a landfill gets 1000 ton Pounds of municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per day.
    Its costs a Landfill from collecting Trash to 150 incinerate is as below:-

    • 150 per ton x 1000 ton per day = 1,50,000 (30+50+70)
    • For one month (30 days) it costs 45,00,000

    For one year (365 days) it costs 54,750,000

  2. To recycle and incinerate trash in waste to Energy (WTE) machines which burns to generate Electricity Of 500 KWH per 50 ton and which is the same amount of Power generated by _______ ton of Coal.
  3. To recycle in a anaerobic digestion plant in California suggests to process a giant exocpot by mixing of material (Trash) in approx about 75% food waste and 25% of organic yard waste and let it cook for 21 days. Which we use to run an engine generator of Wet Yield of about 80 KW Which can help power a nearby sewer agency and this program costs nearby $51.75 per Ton.
  4. Studies have shown that the entire US WTE (Waste to Energy) industry produces 3 grams of dioxin a year.
    By comparison, there are over 3000 landfill fires reported every year they produce 1400 grams of Dioxin.
  5. By installing our waste disposal machine (Plasma Heat Technology) we can reduce all these emissions of toxic gases in air. And more over our machines are Eco-Friendly Green. No electricity or Oil/Fuel is required to run the operations of our machine.
  6. The national recycling Coalition recently released a study on recycling economic benefits showing that 1.1 million Americans work in the recycling industry comprising an annual Pay roll of $37 billions, which again is coming out of local Tax payers. Our machine will definitely cut on the work force and it will be less money coming out of citizens in shape of taxes.
  7. Waste management recycling division posted a $16 million loss in the first quarter of 2016, shutting almost 30% of its recycling facilities.
  8. Our plasma heat Technology machines have made their Business more profitable by cutting the cost of recycling to incineration which is approximately 1,00,000 per day (Average 1000 Ton Trash)
  9. For the state of NEW YORK its very expensive to recycle trash incinerate in Which costs approx 240 per Ton and due to shortage of and space they have to transport their trash to neighboring states which even costs them just Double.
  10. By installing our waste disposal Machines markets major giants like waste Management and Republic can save millions of dollars in recycling and incinerating the MSW (MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE).On an average a big landfill saves 100 per day per ton into 1000 Ton (average landfill gets waste) its approximately 1,00,000 per day
  11. Cost of our machine
    10 Ton capacity —– $ 5,00,000.00
    (100 machines) —— $ 50,000,000.00 /Landfill)
  12. These giants have multiple landfills Which costs them millions to maintain can only transport trash to one or two big landfill with our machines installed.
  13. 10 landfills cost approx $1,000,000.00 per day for 1000 ton trash.
    For one year it will cost them approximately $365,000,000.00
  14. On a big landfill if we install 100 machines of 10 Ton capacity it takes 24Hours to recycle the 1000 Tons of trash.
  15. Where as in a landfill or WTE it takes more than 30 days approximately to finish one cycle from transporting the trash to landfill and up to incineration . It’s a very expensive process and costs millions.
  16. Approximate cost 1000 ton waste/day for one year (365 days)
    $ 36,500,000.00
  17. Our machines costs
    100 machines /Ton capacity $ 50,00,000.00
    $ 13,500,000.00

It means you’re going to recover your Investment in approximately 15 months and our machine life is 25 years and we give a warranty of 12 months of any kind of technical problem coming to machines.

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