The BlackHOLE®

Waste management services and production of energy from sustainable resources.

About Us

Focusing on providing solution for waste management, waste disposal and waste recycling. Reducing waste to landfill in an environmental friendly manner.


No Electricity or Oil/Fuel

Plasma Heat Technology

Avoids Land filling

Reduces the volume of garbage in the ratio of 1/300-1/400


Compact and easy for mobility

No Segregation

No need for segregation

Low Cost & less maintenance

Low Cost Equipment with less running cost


The BlackHOLE® vs. Incineration

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  • It eradicates all septic/poisonous substances (Example, Hospital syringes, other contagious substances like virus and bacteria)
  • The residue remains is Ceramic ash, this ceramic ash can be used for various purposes like home Painting, generates magnetic substance, supports Minus ION method and is good for human health
  • Reduces the volume of garbage in the ratio of 1/300 – 1/400 and the residue can be used as a by-product for improving soil conditions and can act as a disinfectant, alter mixing with water.
  • Neither a secondary combustion equipment nor does it require any electricity or fuel for processing the garbage.
  • Has exceeded vastly the Japanese expectation on their statutory regulation on low production of hazardous materials.
  • It has been proven that Toxic substances put in this system revealed that there was no emission of any toxic nature.
  • As compared to the incinerators which operate on high temperatures and require secondary combustion system, requires no such operation and does not require higher temperatures as it has the unique feature of Plasmic Decomposition.

Disposal Process

Decomposition Flow Chart

Emission Control