TeslaENERGY pvt ltd

Company Profile

TeslaENERGY pvt ltd located in Bangalore is an Energy Tech company established in 2015 with a vision of setting up revolutionary and unconventional solution to the untapped baryonic matter energy and true self-sustaining waste management solutions.

TeslaENERGY pvt ltd is a subsidiary of the parent company – TeslaGREEN INC™ located in the USA to harness the best in Market Research, Total Environmental Solution, Business Alliances, Merger & Acquisitions, Overseas Partnerships, Infrastructure Projects including Financial, Engineering & Consulting Service Verticals.

TeslaENERGY pvt ltd is set in a position to supply the USA’s Technological Equipment & Expertise, Especially on Solid Waste Management, Water Treatment and Environmental products, having expertise in design, consultation, engineering, procurement and commissioning, which have patented products & technologies.The technologies from the USA with supporting Research and Developments at TeslaENERGY pvt ltd; in turn these equipment are designed, and engineered in USA and manufactured in Asia to attain the best of both continents.

TeslaENERGY provides high quality customized Consultancy Services including the benefits of partnership culture to its clients. This not only gives us greater understanding of the business needs, but allows us to understand and act proactively to serve & meet the future needs. It covers the entire gamut of Asia Pacific, with main emphasis on the IndoAmerican relationship. Our quest is to exploit new advancement, anticipating market trends, thus providing a business edge to our clients. Our management style delivers an approach that can be involved from concept to completion stage. We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of business ethics & professional courtesy.

TeslaENERGY Works with various American governmental institutions along with American ODA, whose mission it is to address Global Warming, organizes meetings between the US Government and Asian countries, and to introduce NPOs (Non-Profit Organization) to innovative environmental research, working with various Asian governments including Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Israel and Malaysia.

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