About TeslaGREEN INC™

Company  profile

TeslaGREEN Inc. is a ISO 9001:2015 certified GreenTech company based out of Pennsylvania,USA provding low-­‐cost self-­‐sustaining Waste management and energy solutions . The crux of the technologies at TeslaGREEN Inc. is derivation of energy from The Baryonic matter and converting it into self-­‐sustaining (no external input source of energy required) heat energy with TRUE-­‐ZERO EMISSION. True-­‐ because Dioxins and Difurans are dissociated within the controlled chamber and never ever gets into the environment. This Energy is then transformed for various applications including waste management and energy generation.

Company  Mission  statement

Our mission is to continuously strive for perfecting self-­‐sustaining, low-­‐cost, truly green solutions for waste management and energy conversions across all sectors of the society including municipalities, heavy and light automobiles, supersonic aircrafts and mobile cell phone units .

Company Goals & Vision

1-­Harness the ever-­‐available Baryonic Matter Energy for various applications.
2-­Eliminate all Carbon Footprints
3-­Eliminate the need for energy transportation.

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