Nano Carbon Battery

The Battery Has Evolved.

TeslaGREEN’S NCB leverages a unique, patented Nano Carbon technology to deliver the world’s safest, most advanced & environmentally friendly battery solutions.

NCB Goes Far Beyong Other Battery Technology.

  • An Eco-friendly battery that can be charged with lightning speed
  • A life cycle of 2,400 with a 5-year guarantee
  • A much safer battery that eliminates the risk of overcharging and overheating (unlike Lithium batteries)
  • A battery that performs unaided at -20˚Celsius

TeslaGREEN’s NCB is the new power solution for everyday applications!


  • NCB Battery power storage solutions resolve all the inherent shortcomings of traditional battery technologies as well as improving on performance.
  • NCB Battery are a dry cell technology, are suited for small residential or large commercial applications and have been proven to outperform all other power storage technologies.
  • Eco-friendly and Non-Hazardous:  The Nano Carbon Battery does not contain Cobalt and has less than 2% total composition of Nickel.

  • No risk of fire or explosion
  • No harmful chemicals, acid or toxins
  • No risk of flammable or poisonous gases
  • Unrivaled level of efficiency
    • No Maintenance Needed
    • Quick Charging (8 mins)
    • > 98% efficiency
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Superior Reliability
    • Built-in Battery Management System (with active balancing)
  • Proven Long Cycle Life
    • 2400+ cycles
    • 10+ year shelf life
  • Improved Energy Density reducing size and weight
    • Smaller, lighter and lasts longer
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Made from organic material

Types of Enviro Cell Batteries available include:

  • Large-scale containerized commercial storage systems
  • Small residential solutions
  • Prismatic
  • 18650 cylindrical
  • Button

Technical Specs

Comparison With Secondary Battery Types

Founder, and lead innovator, Dr. Amen Dhyllon, in a TeslaGREEN manufacturing plant.

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