Standard Solid Waste

We change the concept of Waste Treatment by Safe, Simple, Useful, Eco-Friendly Systems.


No Electricity or Oil/Fuel

Plasma Heat Technology

No Segregation

No need for segregation


Compact and easy for mobility

Avoids Land filling

Reduces the volume of garbage in the ratio of 1/300-1/400

Low Cost & less maintenance

Low Cost Equipment with less running cost


  • No moisture content consideration
  • Speed of decomposition depends on the type of waste-metal,plastic,Municipal waste.


  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. System is patented in The United States and 151 other countries for Technology, Design and Process.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT. A small floor space depending on the system size sufficient to anywhere close to source.
  • QUICK & FAST. Decomposition of waste takes place at a faster rate in 3-4 hours period for single badge load.
  • SELF-SUSTAINING, NO FUEL, NO BURNING. Doesn’t need the combustion process, Neither electricity nor fossil fuel for primary equipment used for closed chamber Destruction/Decomposition.
  • NO SEGRAEGATION. Mixed Solid Waste (MSW) containing mixer of both dry and wet waste generated from households are suitable. Any waste material going to the Landfill can be fed into The BlackHOLE® INCLUDING tires & Asbestos
  • USER FRIENDLY simple operation and easy to load MSW garbage bags can be loaded 4-5 times a day such as collected from households
  • NO POLLUTION, NO FLAMES< NO DIOXINS. Does not produce any flames, any dioxins or any other poisonous gases are eliminated, even when plastics and PVC are processed .

Comparison with Incinerator

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