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As an essential Waste Management tool-The BlackHOLE® can be implemented at various levels for different applications depending upon its per-diem processing capacity.

The 1/2 to 1 ton BlackHOLE® can be placed at residential complexes and the garbage/refuse will not be required to get picked up for upto 12+ months. Thus, reducing the transportation and logistics cost for the waste management companies.

If integrated with the existing local grid system for these residential complexes- it can provide electricity without the need for transporting electricity to these residential areas. Which in-turn will be huge cost saving involved in storage & transportation of electricity.

The 10 ton, 25 ton, 50 ton capacity BlackHOLE® can be put at Transfer stations and save in tipping fees and operating costs and generate electricity even from any kind of waste including demolition waste and not just the municipal waste.

The 100+ ton capacity BlackHOLE® can be out at landfills to eliminate the need for any new landfill areas and generate electricity for the entire community. The existing landfills can also be used to generate electricity and eliminate any associated land, water and air contaminants.

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