Tire Disposal


The BlackHOLE® is a revolutionary waste management piece of art and technology that is an outcome of trademarked technologies which includes-

1-Programmed Oxygenated Plasma State™ (POPS™)
2-Ionized Oxygen Plasma™ (IO2P™)
3-Tesla Flux Vortex™ (TFV™)

The BlackHOLE® is patented in 151 other countries across the world including the USA. It does not require any external source of energy to operate and is completely self-sustaining system. It will reduce the volume of any type of refuse/garbage in the order of 1/300 to 1/400 depending upon the type of garbage. The The BlackHOLE® with the help of its POPS™, IO2P™, and TVF™ trademarked technologies is able to achieve this massive volume reduction with ZERO EMISSION.


We at TeslaGREEN INC™ offer an environmentally and economically attractive method for tire disposal. Today the world practically runs on tires, but getting rid of them is an environmental and economical nightmare. The tires have been designed to perform in the toughest conditions such as, to with stand high temperature fluctuations, pressure and continuous wear and tear. Across the globe, efforts are underway to address the issue of used tires. Tires are not biodegradable. Seas of tires still exist in dumps around the globe, but very minimal progress is being made in dealing with the problem.

Process Overview

When we heat the chamber to about 350-400 C, A state of plasma is created within the chamber due to POPS™, IO2P™ AND TVF™ phenomenon. Plasma is an ionized gas with equal amount of electrons and protons, wherein some electrons are removed from the atoms and the molecules and are free. When a small amount of oxygen is let inside the chamber through the valves the oxygen is absorbed into the plasma, this leads to highly reactive negatively charged oxygen ions. This oxygen is highly oxidative thus decomposing dioxins and other harmful compounds by oxidation.


  • the tires are decomposed without using electricity or fuel, this revolutionary technique utilizes. POPS™, IO2P™ AND TVF™ phenomenon
  • the system doesn’t involve flame combustion thus generating no dioxins and furans.
  • The BlackHOLE® does not use auxiliary combustion equipment to improve the processing efficiency and no input electricity or fuel for the combustion process.
  • The system cannot process rocks, glass and heavy metals but can decompose almost all other materials including petroleum products and organic matter.

Process Description

Here in The BlackHOLE® the tires are subjected to thermal decomposition and vibration in the oxygen starved chamber without using any additional source of energy like fuel, electricity etc. The tires are an excellent source of fuel because of their high calorific value, which is comparable to that of coal and crude oil. On an average the heating value of tire is between 30-35 MJ/ kg. The tires are normally not prone to self-ignition, as tire must be heated to at least 400 C for a period of several minutes prior to ignition. In The BlackHOLE® we subject the tires above 450 C in an oxygen-starved chamber. A small amount of oxygen is then passed through the valves, which will oxidize and decompose the tires efficiently. Generally when tires are subjected to high temperature above 400 C and with 30 mins of reaction time, the organic material within the tire gets decomposed.

The entire decomposition could be separated into
45% Liquid,
15% Gaseous (T-Gas™)
40% Solid

In The BlackHOLE® when we maintain a controlled appropriate temperature sufficient enough to decompose the tire along with POPS™ IO2P™ AND TVF™ phenomenon the main product is SynGAS (synthetic gas) also called as TeslaGREEN INC™ Trademarked T-Gas™ which is collected before it enters the flu gas chamber to be able to used as a bi-product for nitrogen fertilizers, glue and Hydrogen gas, also called as the fuel for future. Any and all other gaseous emissions from the processing of the tires is treated with different layers of wet scrubbers that leaves about 10% Tar (10% of the total weight of the tires processed). Our laboratory tests have demonstrated that this tar also know as our trademarked product-Tire Derived Bitumen™ (TDB™) is very high in carbon content and is of higher quality and properties than Coal tar and asphalt for laying roads.

Tires can also be mixed with regular garbage to increase the efficiency of The BlackHOLE®. Both the regular garbage and the tires will act as catalyst to decompose each other more efficiently and economically. On an average a tire is made up of-

1.5 kg of steel
0.5 kg of textiles
7 kg of rubber

Generally, we would need to shred the tires before subjecting them to any kind of decomposition In The BlackHOLE® we can load up to 1000 pounds (30 Tires) of tires per feed in an BH 1.0 model which can have 8-9 feeds /24hrs. Below picture shows the metal remains of the decomposed tire in The BlackHOLE®. Higher the capacity of the machine higher is the volume of tires decomposed. The tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to large volume produced. The BlackHOLE® is the best solution to get rid of tires in the world in a economical and ecological friendly manner.

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